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Top 5 Large Electric Vans With The Longest Range

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These are the top 5 large electric vans with the longest range available in the UK.

  1. Fiat E-Ducato
  2. Ford E-Transit
  3. Iveco Daily Electric
  4. Renault Master ZE
  5. LDV EV80

The longest maximum operating range of any electric van, large or small, is subject to battery capacity, motor output, kerb weight, payload and of course, weather conditions.

Fiat E-Ducato Electric Van – Range: 223 Miles (360 km)

Gold goes to the Fiat E-Ducato, the electric van with the longest range on our list.

Taking the top spot by only a couple of miles, it boasts a phenomenal 223 miles (360 km) on a single charge and in a large van more popular with campers than couriers, this electric powerhouse will take you in comfort from London to Manchester with change to spare.

With 2 battery module options available for Renault’s electric workhorse, the first is of a 3 module setup delivering 47 kWh of electric firewater from the motor to the wheels, pushing you along for 136 miles (220 km) before needing to be plugged back into the matrix.

The second option is of a 5 module setup for even longer range, delivering 79 kWh of momentum with a staggering real world span of up to 223 miles (360 km) in good driving conditions.

See full specs on the Fiat E-Ducato:

Ford E-Transit Electric Van – Range: 217 Miles (350 km)

The Ford E-Transit is Ford’s flagship battery bus and of all the pylon powered vans on our list, the E-Transit is the electric van with almost the longest working range.

As the undisputed capo dei capi of the van world, the Transit has reigned supreme for decades. With a true range of up to 217 miles (350 km) on a single charge, the E-Transit, boasting up to 15.1 m³ of loading space and a not too shabby max gross payload of 1616 kg will one day snatch the crown from it’s diesel, soon to be obsolete, predecessor.

And to put a thoroughly respectable 217 miles of continuous back and forthery into visual perspective, this is what it looks like.

Driving Distance Edinburgh To Newcastle - Range 104 Miles (167km)

This means you’ll be able to transport from Edinburgh to Newcastle and back again and still have just enough oomph left in the old ticker to get you to a charging port on return.

The phenomenal range of this electric van is made possible by it’s all electric 400 volt engine (motor) powered by 67 kWh of raw battery goodness. Ford have also gone out of their way to ensure that the effective range of their E-Transit exceeds the typical daily mileage of their diesel counterparts on a normal working day.

Ford also wanted to leave extra capacity for routes beyond the range of normal local use as well as for battery performance subjected to varying weather conditions.

Unfortunately this van won’t be available until 2022. That said, the question has to be asked…

If Ford can make an electric van with an effective range of 217 miles, what’s the deal with the VW e-Crafter with it’s measly span of only 71 miles?


See full specs on the Ford E-transit:

Iveco Daily Electric Van – Range: 124 Miles (200 km)

The Iveco Daily Electric ties with the Renault Master ZE for being the electric van with the 3rd longest range.

That said, it still boasts an entirely respectable 124 miles from a single charge which, although among the least competitive in this particular showdown, is still a force not to be outdone by the likes of the MAN eTGE with it’s effective range a meagre 68 – 71 miles.

With a true span of 124 miles in urban conditions, the Iveco Daily Electric will take you from Bristol to London assuming you’re happy to head straight for a charging port on your arrival.

However, as the average daily route of a working van is within a 20 mile radius, requiring more miles out of a single charge will be critical only to a few operators who would utilise the longer range.

See full specs on the Iveco Daily Electric:

Renault Master ZE Electric Van – Range: 124 Miles (200 km)

The Renault Master ZE is the electric van with the 4th longest range of 124 miles (200 km) beaten out by Iveco simply because the Iveco Daily Electric came first in an alphabetical order category.

That said, Renault themselves prefer to downplay their own expectations of how this electric van can perform and state a real world range of 75 miles in the summer and 50 miles in the winter on a single charge.

At the official figure of 124 miles per charge though, it does of course tie with the Iveco in 3rd place for true working range. so really all it comes down to between these two electric heavyweights is whether you prefer Renault, or Iveco for design, specifications and optional extras.

Performance wise they might as well be the same van.

Again, a range of 124 miles from a single charge in a large electric van is nothing to poke fun at. It’s still better than a prestigious Mercedes eSprinter with a top range of 96 miles (154 km) or a Volkswagen e-Crafter topping out at a disappointing 71 miles (114 km).

With 124 happy miles to spend in your battery bank, this electric van will make it from Cardiff to Birmingham, but only just. So if this did happen to be your route you would do well to make sure you were heading for nearest public charge point on arrival.

Driving Distance Bristol To London - Range 121 Miles (194km)

See full specs on the Renault Master ZE:

LDV EV80 Electric Van – Range: 120 miles (193 km)

Finding itself in a not-so-miserable last place we have the LDV EV80, the electric van with the 5th longest range on our list of battery bruisers.

With a still impressive range of 120 miles before requiring a recharge, the LDV EV80 will fast charge to 80% in 90 minutes and fully charge in 2 hours flat.

And what does 120 miles look like in the real world? Glasgow to Fort William would be an easy stretch for this electric van whilst leaving enough of that 120 mile range to potter about looking for a local charge point.

The EV80 comes in 3 variants – a panel van, a minibus and a chassis cab for which LDV are most famous and all of which have a GVW of 3500kg.

Different kerb weight between the variants will affect the range of each of these electric vans when running dry but on a full MAM, you would assume they will all perform pretty evenly.

See full specs on the LDV EV80:


These are the 5 electric vans with the longest range available in the UK either now, or in the year ahead. They are clean, green and absolutely will replace their diesel predecessors within 20 years.

As battery technology becomes more efficient and the range of electric powered vehicles increases, we’re already seeing prices fall as they fast become a viable, responsible alternative to oil burners worldwide.

The world is changing guys, the days of the internal combustion engine are numbered, the writings already on the wall and as the curtain slowly descends on anything that burns dead dinosaurs – let’s just take a moment to salute the last piston who will one day reach top dead centre for the final time.

The Voltswagon Sparky – Range: 1000 Miles (1600 km)

You never know, one day we might even build our own electric van with a range of at least 1000 miles. Granted it would probably just be a big battery with wheels, a seat & take month to charge but at least we’d get to call it a Voltswagon Sparky.

It would be worth doing just for that 🙂

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