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6 Solid Reasons Why We Out-Perform All Other Removal Companies in Falkirk

Hi guys, I decided it would be fun to write a short article listing the top 6 reasons why booking your home or office removal with us
makes perfect sense – and why we should be on the top of your list when considering booking your move with any one of the local removal companies in Falkirk.

So, without further ado… Let’s go…

1) We’re There – Till The Job Is Done!

Some removals companies finish their working day at 5.30pm. If your home removal runs by that time, they will stay till the job is done – but they’re on the clock from then on at between £45 & £75 – per hour. That’s a lot of pounds – for who knows how many hours.

Time Is Money

Protect yourself from hidden surprises…

With Falkirk Van Hire & Removals, we understand that delays can and do sometimes happen – keys don’t always arrive on time or access to your new property isn’t always immediately available for whatever reason – or some other unforeseen circumstance prevents you from moving earlier than you would have liked.

With us though, you can rest assured that you will never pay a penny over your original quote – regardless of how long the guys are with you.

2) Only Consider Removal Companies In Falkirk That’ll Actually Turn Up

Falkirk Van Hire & Removals is one of only 4 professional, well established removal companies in the Falkirk area. With over a decade of unrivalled quality of service in Falkirk, if you book your move with us, it might as well be set in stone.

But before you book a home or office removal anywhere – you should know this…

Beware of unbelievably low online quotes…

Every weekend, without fail, we get phone calls from not too happy individuals who are sitting waiting on moving day, on a removals company that has no intention of showing up.

Frantically, once they realise they’ve been had, they then begin searching Google to find any one of the local moving firms to come and save the day.

But why does this happen?

Well, usually it’s because a customer has been duped or lured by an unbeatable quote somewhere online and of course, assuming they’ve bagged themselves a fantastic deal, went ahead and booked their home or office removal “removals company” based solely on the quote.

The usual culprits operate from Gumtree Ads, The Anyvan Website or a Facebook page with no website linked to it.

There is so much competition for removals work these days that everyone is under quoting everyone else so margins are slim to begin with.

But the 3 main reasons are these.

1) Drivers aren’t motivated by hard work just for a few extra quid at the weekend, so sometimes they just decide it’s not worth it and don’t even bother.

2) They get a better offer elsewhere for that day so your job hits the back burner on the off chance they get to it later.

3) They’ve taken in too much for that day and realised they can’t cope with the workload, so just serve the easiest ones.

The truth about low online quotes…

This is the problem with unbeatably low online quotes these days, they’re ten a penny. Some drivers use them for easy weekend drinking money and others just decide on the day whether or not they’ll show up.

If they’re only making buttons for the work they do, then they won’t take your job seriously. We see it all the time.

You pay peanut – you get monkey…

Remember, your life possessions will be travelling from A to B in the back of a vehicle – with a reliable well established firm like Falkirk Van Hire & Removals though, you know you’re home or office removal is good to go from the minute to book your move with us with a quality of service unrivalled anywhere in Falkirk.

3) One To One Service

All home removals are similar but no two are the same and we understand that your home removal also, is unique to you and your requirements on moving day.

With Falkirk Van Hire & Removals you can be sure that our guys will undertake your home move with a friendly reassuring approach – working to accommodate any special needs or conditions you might have whilst moving home.

With us, we’re not just there to get to the end of the job, we’re there to offer you a seamless, stress free service that you would be comfortable recommending to friends and family.

4) Fully Trained Falkirk Based Porters

It’s worth noting that our company is so phenomenally fandabbydozey that our porters have actually stayed with us for years. They know the company,
they know the industry and they understand the needs and requirements of our customers.

You can be sure that when booking your move with us, you can expect careful, considerate and fully trained porters to show up on moving day and you’ll be served by one of the oldest and most trusted removal companies in the Falkirk area.

5) Fully Insured

Of course like any legitimate business, we do have proper insurances in place. We carry goods in transit insurance to the value of £10,000 & public liability to the tune or £4,000,000.

We’re yet to break a teacup – but it’s always reassuring to know that your property is fully protected against accidental loss or damage – just incase.

6) Removals Prices

Our prices are the cheapest – only because we’re the busiest. Some other companies love to claim they’re the leading firm locally – just because they’re bigger, but when it comes down to it, we like to let the numbers speak for themselves.

It’s very rare to see any of our vans sitting idle in the yard during working hours.

If leading means bigger then maybe so, but if leading actually means quality of service and a commitment to customer satisfaction then we would probably argue the point.

So there you have it. 6 Solid Reasons Why choosing us for your home removal makes perfect sense. If you would like to book your move with us, feel free to give us a call on 07845 296257 for a friendly no obligation quote.

Another quality blog post by Falkirk Van Hire & Removals – We tick all the boxes.

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