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Top Tips For Moving House | A List Of Things To Do For Home Movers

Top Tips For Moving House

Being prepared on moving day is the difference between waking up like a kid on Christmas morning and wishing you hadn’t even put your house on the market. To help ease the burden and deflate that “OMG I WANT TO ESCAPE” moment, here are our 10 best top tips for moving house without a hitch.

By following our handy guide, you too can take the rattle out of relocating. Covering things like “how to make moving home a happy occasion” to the easily overlooked tasks such as “things to remember when moving house”, we’ve got you covered.

Moving Home Tips – The Top 10 List Of Helpful Hints

*Note, not included in this list is anything regarding short or long term storage as that probably deserves its own article – which we’ve yet to write.

However, we did publish a great article on how to easily store clothing and other fabrics without risk of mould, dampness or vermin damage while in storage. Feel free to read our article on storing clothes safely.

A List Of Things To Do | Top Tips For Moving House With Confidence!

Moving home is one of the most daunting upheavals you’ll ever undertake, but fortunately, by following our simple yet essential “list of things to do when moving home” guide filled with hints, checklists, & top tips for moving house, you can at least take the sting out of packing & shifting everything you own to a brand new home.

We also receive the odd email now and again from home movers thanking us for uploading the guide, so we know we’ve helped at least some people on their journey. Have a look below at how you too can make your home removal run as smooth as MJ, the first time he ever did the moonwalk.

Now, getting down to business…

1) Only Use Reputable Removal Companies When Moving Home

We truly can’t emphasise the importance of this enough so when moving house, please do understand this top tip fully and keep it in mind when shopping around for removals quotes.

If there is only one thing you take away from this website, please let this be it

By booking with a reliable well-established firm from the offset, here’s a short summary of things you can be assured of…

  • They’ll Turn Up On The Day
  • They Know What They’re Doing
  • Are Fully Trained & Insured
  • Their Porters Are Trustworthy
  • They Have The Proper Equipment

And also, will be happy to accommodate any special requirements on the day.

Top Tips For Not Getting Left Out In The Cold When Moving House

Every weekend – without fail, we receive phone calls from people in a minor panic who have had unbeatable quotes from somebody on Facebook or Gumtree only to find that their moving van doesn’t turn up on the day – and phones are switched off.

Be vigilant when booking through…

  • Pages On Facebook
  • Gumtree Or Free Ads
  • Moving Quote Sites

Removals Companies On Facebook

Every company now has a Facebook page, unless of course, they’re true old-schoolers who fight change in all its forms but generally, everyone is now on the platform.

The problem is that anyone can verify a geniune looking page easily at the click of a button using an ASDA, or other cheap prepay sim card, to make a page look professional but in truth, there is absolutely no scrutiny of the person or company behind the page. If you book a removal through Facebook, you have utterly no idea who will be arriving on the day.

Facebook even has a support page dedicated to the topic of scams and rogue traders:

Does that mean you shouldn’t book a home removal via Facebook? No, of course not – but any business page should be backed up by an actual website, credentials, and with actual premises that you can actually visit and talk with an actual human. Here a little common sense prevails.

Removals Companies On Free Ad Sites

Again, this is prime Apache country with more Del Boys Than Trotters. There are plenty of guys on sites like Gumtree and others offering all from man and van services through to complete home removals.

Of course, credit to the genuine guys who also post ads on these websites, but really, how do you tell who from which? Again, absolutely no scrutiny, so if you have children, pets, or valuables, then it’s up to you to do a bit of risk assessment.

Removals Companies On Quote Sites

This is the clincher. If there is one top tip for moving house I can give it would be this. NEVER use a quote website when looking for a house removal.

Quote websites such as AnyVan or Shiply, and others, pass themselves off as moving companies but in reality, they are simply reverse auction websites that offer jobs to anyone (ANYONE) with a van – and for buttons too.

Now the first question I asked was – why would anyone work for buttons? Are they unemployable anywhere else? Removals work is hard so why would anyone agree to move a complete third floor flat to a new property for £120? Split between 2 porters, to my mind that’s bordering modern-day slavery.

Again, there is absolutely no scrutiny of any of the drivers they send to your home, but rather than just fill your head with scare stories, have a look at what previous AnyVan customers have to say on Trustpilot: TrustPilot.

It’s worth noting that of course there are many genuine drivers who operate from quote sites. Competition in the removals industry is fierce and moving quote sites are a quick & easy way of making at least something but again, you really don’t know what or who you’ll be getting until they arrive at your door.

Moving Home, Know The Removals Industry

Yes, you will pay more for an actual well-established firm to move you and your belongings to your new property, but really, it’s just what you’re comfortable with. As a matter of good practice though, all removals firms should at least adhere to the BAR standards of conduct and excellence.

So, tips for moving house #1, make sure you book your home removal with a well-established removals firm to avoid any potential problems down the line. As the old saying goes – pay peanuts, get monkeys.

Here is our excellent article on Avoiding Removals Cowboys.

Still with us? Great. If you’re enjoying our guide to moving house, feel free to give it a thumbs up on Facebook.

2) Top Tips On How To Be Prepared On Moving Day

This is a no brainer, but by putting in that extra effort initially, moving day can and should go without a hitch…

More Hints And Tips For Moving House | Keeping The Work Area Clear

When a house removal is underway, your home effectively becomes a work environment for the day but with a few simple steps, you can cut your removal time in half.

Normally, your removal will begin with mattresses followed by square or large bulky items such as…

  • White Goods
  • Chest Of Drawers
  • Wardrobes
  • Cabinets And Sideboards
  • Book Shelves
  • And Similar

Boxes and loose items such as bags and clothes usually go in last so as a good rule of thumb when moving house, keep access to bulky items as clear as is practical so the guys can get to them first. This way, half of the morning isn’t spent shifting things just to get to other things behind them.

Top Tip #2 on our list of things to do when moving house is, be prepared to move on the day and you’ll move in half the time with half the stress.

3) Packing Boxes – Ideas For Moving Small Items

Removals Boxes For Moving House

We actually find this quite funny but customers are notorious for overfilling boxes or forgetting boxes are only made from cardboard.

Things you should remember, but are really easy to forget…

  • Boxes Are Made Of Cardboard
  • Cardboard Has Limits
  • Our Porters Need To Lift Them

Some boxes are more durable than others but we regularly encounter customers filling old Golden Wonder boxes with weights, books, or DVDs, and wondered by the bottom has come out of it.

Just know the limits of the container you’re putting your belongings into. And also, don’t overfill them to the point where the top doesn’t close properly as this makes them awkward to stack.

Tips On Where To Buy The Best Removals Boxes For Moving House.

Amazon lists a wide variety of good removals boxes Like These

And the website website sells ones Like These

And both will deliver direct to your door.

Ideally, plastic storage boxes Like These from the B&M store are by far the best – albeit more expensive but do pack exceptionally well into the van and can contain more items securely.

And just like that, tips for moving house #3 is to use appropriate packing boxes.

4) Tips For Moving Fragile Items, Break Out The Bubble Wrap

Bubble Wrap For Moving House

We treat everything like it was made of fine china, but bubble wrap is always a good idea too. It’s cheap, and Amazon has plenty of it, and it’s absolutely perfect for wrapping crockery, pictures & mirrors and other fragile items. It also gives you the peace of mind that your property is properly protected when moving from one place to another.

How To Pack When Moving Home

Forewarned is forearmed, as they say, so you would assume the same applies when moving home. Believe it or not, there is a right way and a wrong way to pack when moving home.

Getting ahead of the packing is key and as removal men always shift large, bulky, items first, it’s a great idea to make sure smaller, fragile, items are properly boxed and in a safe area as far away from the working area as possible.

It’s always a good idea to begin packing a few weeks before you actually move home too, and start by boxing up any non-essential items that you won’t miss. This way, as moving day draws ever closer, you’ll have plenty of breathing space when it comes to packing your essential, every day items, such as clothing, cooking utensils, and toiletries.

Points to note:

  • Large items are always shifted first.
  • Boxes should be able to take the weight of the contents within.
  • Boxes should be able to close properly when packed.
  • Boxes containing fragile items should be marked as “fragile”.

The top tip for moving house #4 is, always use the mighty bubble wrap for fragile items that don’t fit into packing boxes. Bubble wrap is your friend when moving home.

5) Dismantling Flatpack Furniture

There are only 2 real issues we have when moving flatpack furniture and they are these:

  • Will an item take its own weight when lifted?
  • Will it go round corners or downstairs safely without being dismantled?

Flatpacked goods are normally made from low strength chipboard and assembled using nuts and screws that do a good job of holding things together when they’re sitting still.

And although smaller items such as chests of drawers, bedside cabinets and single wardrobes can be lifted and carried easily, larger items such as double wardrobes will need to be dismantled before they can be moved simply due to their own size and weight.

Summary of flatpack items that can be lifted and carried easily without dismantling.

  • Bedside Cabinets
  • Chest Of Drawers
  • Most Single Wardrobes
  • TV Stands & Book Shelves
  • Things Of Similar Size & Weight

These items are light, can be manoeuvred easily and are not likely to cause damage to walls, doors or even themselves when being moved from one spot to another

Summary of flatpack items that can’t be lifted or carried easily without dismantling.

  • Double Wardrobes
  • Bunk Beds
  • Large Entertainment Units

These items are not light, can’t be manoeuvred easily and are likely to cause damage to walls, doors or even themselves when being moved from one spot to another.

Tips for moving house #5 is – if in doubt, get the screwdriver out. Dismantle larger flatpack items of furniture.

*Most removal companies do offer this service at an extra charge such as from Pickfords Gold Service but, it is expensive. Always ask about this specifically when calling any company for a quote.

6) Empty And Pack Contents Of Wardrobes & Drawers

It’s always a good idea to have empty wardrobes and drawers when a removals firm arrives to move you to your new home.

A decent size set of drawers can weigh 30kg and clothes contained within them can easily add another 40kg to that – and although our porters have no trouble lifting that type of weight – the question is, will the drawers survive?

An older, proper wood chest of drawers – when furniture was real furniture – would be able to take it without breaking a sweat but modern flat pack items are frankly designed to sit still and do nothing other than open and close.

So as a matter of good practice, wardrobes, drawers and other storage items should be emptied and the contents packed into appropriate boxes, bags or containers.

7) When Moving House, Tips For Marking Boxes Clearly

Armed only with a humble sharpie or any other marker pen, another top tip when moving is to mark boxes clearly as to which room they’re to be placed in your new home. Here’s a summary of how you should mark your boxes clearly.

  • Room 1
  • Room 2
  • Kitchen
  • Garage
  • Living Room
  • Bathroom
  • Etc Etc Etc

This is simply because you will be busy with other things on moving day and the porters won’t be relying on your presence to tell them where each and every box is to go.

8) Declutter! Dump The Junk Before Moving Home

It’s wholly understandable that preparing for a house removal will eat into your time, your attention, and the very essence of your well being. But taking the time before your move to get rid of things you don’t want anymore will restore some of that mental stability and certainly some money as your big day draws ever nearer.

You’ll be surprised at just how many people actually pack junk that they know will eventually be going to the tip. Not only can this double your move time but in some cases, also double the quote from the moving company tasked with shifting it.

So, included in our hints & tips for moving house guide, here is a list of local council listings from where you can find your local recycling centre.

Tip #8, don’t pack junk when moving home. You will save yourself time, money and bad dreams.

9) Top Tips On Changing Your Address When Moving House | Who To Notify When Moving


When moving home, one of the most obvious things to remember, yet still forget, is to change your address. So, certainly included here is a shortlist of the most common things to remember when moving house and who to notify.

  • On Your Driving Licence
  • With Your Insurance Company
  • The Log Book Of Your Vehicle
  • The Voters Role
  • With Your GP
  • With Your Dentist
  • If Children – School
  • Place Of Work
  • Your Bank
  • Your Amazon Account

You should also remember to redirect your post when moving to a new address. You can get help with that from the Royal Mail Here.

10) Pack A Survival Kit

No guide or checklist for moving house would be complete without tips on how to pack a fully loaded survival kit, because at some point throughout the day you’ll be ready to fight someone.

So to counter the urge, make sure you put together a well-stocked doomsday pack the night before your move.

The Movers Survival Kit

  • Kettle
  • Cups
  • Biscuits
  • Sugar
  • Pillows
  • Blankets
  • Phone Charger
  • Nurofen
  • RedBull

All survival items are optional, however, could mean the difference between life and certain de… Well, not really, but you get the picture.

Tipping Removal Men

One last thing, should you tip your removal men?

It’s absolutely fine to tip your removal men. Although they don’t expect to be tipped, it’s always reassuring to the guys that you’re happy enough with the service they’ve provided that you think a small tip is in order.

And You’re Good To Go

And that’s all folks, we hope you enjoyed our hints, tips & checklists for moving house and that they might help you on your journey.

By simply following these simple steps you’ll be doing yourself a favour. So take the sting out of what would probably otherwise be a long and exhausting day, relax, and trust the universe.

Things To Remember When Moving House

  • Only Use A Well Established Firm
  • Be Well Prepared To Move On The Day
  • Pack Boxes Correctly
  • Bubble Wrap Is King
  • Disassemble Large Flatpack
  • Empty Wardrobes And Drawers
  • Mark Boxes Clearly
  • Declutter – Don’t Pack Junk
  • Update Your Address
  • Pack A Survival Kit

If you have any questions or queries regarding anything at all, or just require some advice, you’re always more than welcome to contact us. Even if we’re not the firm that’s moving you, we’re still happy to help. There’s also a great article on the website with plenty of help, info and advice on moving home which can be found: here.

All the best, and good luck.

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