Moving Home - Helpful Top Tip & Hints

Top Tips To Make Your Home Removal Seamless And Stress Free

Moving home is one of the most daunting upheavals you'll ever undertake, but fortunately by following just a couple of essential tips, you can at least take the sting out of moving everything you own to your new home.

Only Use Reputable Removals Companies For Your Move

We truly can't emphasize the importance of this enough so please do read this part and keep it in mind when shopping around for removals quotes.

If there is only one thing you take away from this website, please let this be it...

By booking with a reliable well established firm from the offset you will be assured that...


They Turn Up On The Day

They Know What They're Doing

Are Fully Trained & Insured


And also, will be happy to accommodate any special requirements on the day.

Don't Get Left Out In The Cold

Every weekend - without fail, we receive phone calls from people in minor panic who have had unbeatable quotes from somebody on Facebook or Gumtree only to find that their van doesn't turn up on the day and phones are switched off.


Be vigilant when booking through...

Pages On Facebook

Gumtree Ads

Quote Sites


The Removals Industry

Yes, you will pay more for an actual well established firm to move you and your belongings to your new property, but really, it's just what your comfortable with. As a matter of good practice though, all removals firms should at least adhere to the BAR standards of conduct and excellence.

So, even if you don't book your move with us, please make sure you do at least book your move with another well established firm and avoid any potential problems down the line. Like the old saying goes - pay peanuts, get monkeys.

Be Prepared On Moving Day

This is a no brainer, but by putting in that extra effort initially, moving day can and should go without a hitch...

The Work Area

When a removal is under way, your home effectively becomes a work environment for the day but with a few simple steps, you can cut your removal time in half.

Normally, your removal will begin with matresses followed by square or large bulkies such as...


White Goods

Chest Of Drawers


Cabinets And Sideboards

Book Shelves

And Similar


Boxes and loose items such as bags and clothes usually go in last so as a good rule of thumb, keep access to bulky items as clear as is practical so the guys can get to them first. This way, half of the morning isn't spent shifting things just to get to other things behind them.


We actually find this quite funny but customers are notorious for overfilling boxes or forgetting boxes are only made from cardboard.

Things you should remember, but really are easy to forget...


Boxes Are Made Of Cardboard

Cardboard Has Limits

Our Porters Need To Lift Them


Some boxes are more durable than others but sometimes we've found customers filling old Golden Wonder Boxes With Weights, Books or DVDs and wondered by the bottom has come out of it.

Just know the limits to the container you're putting your belongings into. And also, don't over fill them to the point where the top doesn't close properly as this makes them awkward to stack.

Where To Buy Removals Boxes?

Homebase actually sell reasonably good removals boxes Like These but the website sells much better heavy duty ones Like These and will deliver them direct to your door.

Ideally, plastic storage boxes Like These are by far the best - albeit more expensive, pack exceptionally well into the van and can contain more items safely.

The Mighty Bubble Wrap

We treat everything like it was made of fine china, but bubble wrap is always a good idea too. It's cheap, Ebay has plenty of it and it's absolutely perfect for wrapping crockery, pictures & mirrors and other fragile items and gives you the peace of mind that your property is properly protected when moving from one place to another.

When thinking "house move", think "bubble wrap".

Flatpack Furniture

The only issue we really have when moving flatpack furniture is this... Will it take it's own weight?

Flatpacked goods are normally made from low strength chip board and assembled using nuts and screws that do a good job of holding it together when it's sitting still - and although smaller items such as chests of drawers, bedside cabinets and single wardrobes can be lifted and carried easily, larger items such as double wardrobes will need to be disassembled before they can be moved simply due to their own weight.


Flatpack items that can be lifted and carried easily without disassembly...

Bedside Cabinets

Chest Of Drawers

Most Single Wardrobes

TV Stands & Book Shelves

Things Of Similar Size & Weight


Flatpack items that can't be lifted or carried easily without disassembly...

Double Wardrobes

Bunk Beds

Large Entertainment Units

If in doubt, feel free to contact us and ask.

Wardrobes And Drawers - Empty Them?

It's always a good idea to have empty wardrobes and drawers when a removals firm arrives to move you to your new home.

A decent size set of drawers can weight 30kg and clothes contained within them can easily add another 40kg to that - and although our porters have no trouble lifting that type of weight - the question is, will the drawers survive?

An older, proper wood chest of drawers - when furniture was real furniture - would be able to take it without breaking a sweat but modern flat pack items are frankly designed to sit still and do nothing so, as a matter of good practice, wardrobes, drawers and other storage items should be emptied and the contents packed into appropriate boxes or bags.

Mark Boxes Clearly

Armed only with a humble sharpie or any other marker pen, it's always a good idea to mark boxes clearly as to which room they've to be placed in your new home.


Room 1

Room 2



Living Room

Bathroom Etc


This is simply because you will be busy with other things on moving day and the porters won't be relying on your presence to tell them where each and every box is to go.

And You're Good To Go

And that's all folks. By simply following these simple steps you'll be doing yourself one huge favour and taking the sting out of what would probably otherwise be a long exhausting day.


Just to recap...


Only Use A Well Established Firm

Be Prepared To Move On The Day

Pack Boxes Correctly

Bubble Wrap Is King

Disassemble Large Flatpack

Empty Wardobes And Drawers

Mark Boxes Clearly


If you have any questions or queries regarding anything at all, or just require some advice, you're always more than welcome to contact us. Even if we're not the firm who's moving you, we're still happy to help.


Happy To Help

We're happy to help with moving anything that's too big for the car and as we operate 9 till 9/7 days, you can book your van at a time that suits you. Have a look below and you'll see why we've become Falkirk's first choice for van hire & relocation services!
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