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Van Hire – 6 Reasons Why A Man With A Van Crushes Self Drive Hire in Falkirk

1) Man With A Van = Van Hire + Porter To Assist With Lifting And Loading!

Gone are the days when van hire meant hiring a van yourself, leaving a steep security deposit, filling it with fuel then finding someone who wasn’t at work/busy/hungover to help you collect and shift something heavy or bulky from one place to another.

Cheap Luton Van Hire

These days, hiring a man and van in Falkirk is as simple as making a call – and not only do you get the hire of a large vehicle, but you also get a porter to assist you on the day.

Every day, all day, our friendly porters are out helping local customers shift sofas, white goods, mattresses and pretty much anything else that won’t fit in a car, so there’s really no reason not to consider hiring a van man when you’re needing something bulky or awkward shifted locally.

Hiring a man with a van is exactly that. A man, with a big van. It really is just van hire without the self drive hire hassle.

2) Man And Van Vs Self Drive Hire Prices!

Van hire prices vary and this is one area where both services have their pro’s and con’s.

Self Drive Van Hire

Hiring a self drive hire van can be done for as little as £25 for a small Transit up to £100 for a large Box Luton for a few hours hire – but you still have to collect and return that vehicle within that time, fill it with fuel and leave a substantial security deposit which you get back if you don’t total or the van.

You will lose a chunk of your security deposit if you’re late in returning the vehicle though, or in it’s entirety if the van is scratched, dented or damaged in any way.

So when it comes to self drive vehicle hire, it really comes down to this…

Initial hire cost + time + fuel + “actual cost” – if for some reason you don’t get all your deposit back.

That said, self drive is definitely cheaper if you require the van for longer periods or for longer runs outwith the local area.

Man And Van Hire

Hiring a man and van can also be done for as little as £25 and as we only supply large Luton box vans to our customers, you get all the benefits of Luton hire at small Transit hire prices.

There is no collecting or returning the vehicle either as we come directly to you, there are no security deposits to leave as our porter is responsible for the van and fuel is our responsibility too, so you won’t be filling up at the nearest petrol station.

That said, van & driver hire can get quite expensive to the tune of £125+ if you require the service for a full day.

Prices for runs to England or the far North of Scotland can be £200+ also – but you do get a fully trained and experienced porter for your money so the extra cost may be a sound investment – depending on what you’re requirements are.

3) No Steep Security Deposits To Lose When Hiring A Man And Van!

Our porter is 100% responsible for the van.

This means that we require £0 deposit from you when hiring a van & driver from us so the price you’re quoted over the phone is the price you pay on completion of any work we’re hired to do.

If, in the event the van ends up with a scratch, dent or anything else unfortunate, we won’t be after compensation from you. Our drivers are exceptionally careful anyway so the likelihood of any of our vehicles taking a knock is minimal.

4) No Driving Licence Required Or Minimum Age To Hire A Van!

With self drive van hire, minimum age requirements for insurance purposes is usually 25 with the hirer having held a full UK driving licence held for a minimum of 2 years.

That said, van hire from the B&Q (Hertz 24/7) has a minimum age of 21 with a full valid licence having been held for 1 year.

For obvious reasons, there is no driving licence or insurance requirements when hiring a vehicle from us. Our drivers are experienced and insured – so you don’t have to be.

This is why a man with a van services suit not only those who could hire a self drive hire van themselves, but really can’t be bothered going through the whole self drive hire process, but also those who couldn’t making easy, cheap and convenient van hire available to everyone.

5) No Travelling Back And Forth To Collect And Return The Vehicle!

The self drive hire route means filling out forms, collecting the van and returning it back to the depot yourself.

If you’re late, you lose some of you’re deposit. If you don’t want to lose any of your deposit, you’ll hire for a longer period but then you’re paying for hire time you probably won’t use. Either way it’ll cost you extra.

As a driver is supplied with each of our vans, and we don’t require any awkward forms to be filled out, there’s really no need for you to visit our depot. Our porter bringing the van directly to you makes much more sense and it free’s up more of your day.

6) Evening Hire Doesn’t Have To Mean Overnight Van Hire!

Most people work a normal working day within normal working hours and typically, the only free time they have is in the evening.

If you require the hire of a vehicle in the evening, with self drive van hire this certainly does mean an overnight hire – which can get expensive depending on where you’re hiring from.

You’re also responsible for returning the vehicle first thing in the morning.

Hiring a man with a van though, evening hires are no problem and don’t cost you extra.

Most man and van hire companies do operate in the evenings and have no problems being out after normal working hours and, just like any other time of the day, they arrive, help you shift your things, then leave.


When considering van hire from anywhere, whether it be via the self drive hire route or the cheap and convenient man with a large van alternative, it really comes down to your own requirements on the day.

Sometimes self drive hire suits, sometime there’s easier, cheaper ways to get the same job done. Either way, we’re always here to help should you choose the latter.

For more info on our man and van services, see our van & driver hire page.

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  1. Looking for a quote to move my daughters (think students) from a ground floor flat (4 in a block) in Bo’ness to a flat in Bo’ness (3rd Floor). No white goods to be moved. Settee, large round chair, double pine bed (dismantled), 2-3 chests of drawers and a few smaller items, ie ottoman, tv unit, (possibly folding table & chairs and perhaps a pine wardrobe if it fits into the new flat). Daughters are moving in March.

    1. Hi Shirley,

      Sorry we don’t use the blog for customer contact we didn’t realise you had left a message.

      I’ve popped you over an email though, if you still require our services feel free to get in touch.

      You can also contact us on 07845 296257.

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