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Free Responsive Man And Van Website Template

Man & Van Website Template Screenshot

Ali from Falkirk Van Hire & Removals here, Scotland’s most successful man with a van hire company and I’m gonna assume that you are here because you are looking for a free, responsive man and van website template.

If so, then this is your lucky day because in the description box below, you will find a download link where you can download such a template – just like this one – to do with as you so wish.

And in this video not only am I gonna show you how easy it is to edit this template, but to do it in such a way that lands you on Googles front page.

View The Template: Here

Download The Template: Here

Download Notepad++: Here

Free “Done For You” Service: Here

Side note: we have written 3 essential guides to starting your own van based business. This website template is suitable for any and all of the fantastic opportunities that come with being an owner/driver. Feel free to check them out.

Editing This Template….

Man And Van Website Template Header

A couple of things

If you already know how to edit templates and you know how it all works then feel free to download the zip file and bon voyage. We wish you well.

But, if you don’t know how to edit templates or you really just want to know how we made it so big, so quickly, then stay tuned and not only will you get THAT secret sauce at the end of the video, but by the end, you’ll also see how easy it is to actually edit a template AND, know how to get your new website onto Google’s first page..

The correct way… Because believe me, there is a catastrophically wrong way to do it..

And, if you get to the end of the video and are still uncomfortable doing this yourself, don’t fret, we do offer a “ free done for you” service where we do pretty much everything for you.

What is a free done for you service? Well, it’s free – and done for you. Funnily enough.

Free domain name, free website, free Google listing. All you really have to do is write some content for your new website, email it to us and of course pay for your own hosting.

We’ll upload and manage your site for you. Which we currently do for 70-ish other man and van companies across the UK.

So if you get stuck, you at least know that that service is available.

Hosting is £145 for your first year and £125 every year after and, compared to how much you stand to make throughout the year, that really isn’t much.

2 or 3 small jobs should pay for it.

A Man And Van Success Story

Before we start though, it’s worth mentioning that it’s no secret that most man and van companies don’t make a lot of money. Not because there isn’t any money to be had, there is, and plenty of it, but most people simply don’t apply themselves in the correct way.

They don’t innovate, they imitate. And if you emulate a previously failed business model, you’ll have a failed business.

So, as an added bonus, we’ll give you our secret sauce. which was one of the main reasons why Falkirk Van Hire & Removals was an instant success where most others hit the kerb and gave up almost immediately.

It doesn’t have to be you 🙂

We’ll also show you how to snare customers who weren’t even looking for your service and yes, it can be done. We do it all the time so do take the ten minutes out of your day to stay tuned to the end of the video for all that insider goodness.

If you’re utterly serious about building a successful business that doesn’t keel over in a couple of months, it’s just one of those things you have to do.

And, if you can’t take 10 minutes to learn some magic juice from people who have been in the business for years then you really have to ask yourself, are you really cut out to run a company?

And that, my friend, is entirely up to you.

Man And Van Website Template Mid Section

Now, a couple of things to note before we get into the juice…

Firstly, Falkirk Van Hire & Removals is a man with a van hire company so of course this template is of a man and van theme.

That said, it’s essentially a bare bones template so, if you’re a plumber, a joiner, a sparky, a gas engineer or pretty much any other thing, you can still take this template and deploy it in your own niche.

It’s pretty much good to go for any other type of service so feel free to recommend the page and the download link to any self employed friends or family that you want to help.

Secondly, like I said before, there is a way to get this drastically wrong and the problem with that is you’ll probably be 6 months to a year down the road before you even realise it so stay with me till the end and I’ll show you how to avoid the pitfall that can curse your new website before it even gets started.

Thirdly, and lastly, why is this template free? Well, we’ve already built the template, it doesn’t cost us time or money to host it or for you to download and use it so why not? Maybe in the future you’ll remember us and we can network at some point – so we’re building relationships.

Also, and quite humorously, when we get a visitor to our blog which includes people looking for a man with a van website template, Google shows an ad on the page from which we get a couple of pence and that goes toward our Christmas night out.

So not only do you get a free website, but we also get a free drink at Christmas. Thanks Google 🙂

Man And Van Website Template Footer

So, I think that’s it let’s get started shall we? And don’t forget, you can watch this video as many times as you need to make sure you get it right and if you have any questions, leave them in the comments below. I try to respond to everything as quickly as I can, but of course, I do run a business so you might have to bear with me.

A Man And Van Website Template That’s Fast, Powerful & Reliable

Ok, before we can edit a template we’re gonna need a text editor.

Microsoft notepad would do it and if you’re running a windows machine, you certainly have it. If you’re running some kind of Mac, then you’ll know what the Apple equivalent of Microsoft notepad is but they’re both very basic text editors so it’s just too easy to make a mistake and not even notice. They’re not really designed for coding – they’re designed for taking notes.

If you don’t already have a decent text editor on your computer, then in the description box below I’ll leave a download link for Notepad++.

If you’re reading this on the blog, then click here to go to the Notepad++ download page.

It’s free, lightweight and it downloads and installs in seconds and makes your life a hundred times easier when coding a website.

I’m gonna assume that you already know how to download and install things so if you need to download Notepad++ then pause the video and comeback when you’ve finished.

I’ll, just, wait here…

So, downloaded Notepad++, good, we can get into the juice.

**Sorry, to learn how to edit this man and van website template, you’ll have to watch the video. It’s too complex and difficult to write about. It’s much simpler just to show you.

In the video above, “how to edit” starts at about 5m 40s in.

So, now you know how to edit a template AND make it Google friendly, let get on to the….


Now, the big question is, how did we make it when 9 out of 10 man and van companies generally flop? Well, it was really quite simple and yeah, is so obvious when you see it.

We simply sold ourselves, not as a man and van company, but as a van hire company because, at the end of the day that’s essentially what you are – a van hire company.

The truth is, not many people search Google for man and van. I mean people do search for that term, but compared to people searching Google for “van hire”, there’s really not that many.

And certainly not enough to sustain a business based solely on leads from Google – in your early days.

Does that mean you shouldn’t go down the man and van route?

No, you definitely should but not on Google. That’s what social media is for.

If you develop the “man and van” business model then yes, over time you would earn great a living at it if you offered a great service at a great price, but it can take anything from 6 months to a year to build that type of local business brand over social media.

It can be done and it IS being done and, is what you should be doing anyway. But in your early days, you’re in it to make a living so can you really afford to wait the 6 months to a year to build your Facebook brand before you see any credible income from it?

9 out of 10 times the answer would be no. So instead, in your early days, by targeting Google users searching for “van hire”, you stand more of a chance of making money from, hopefully, the offset.

In a years time when your ranking high in Google for “van hire” and you also have a strong social media presence as a “local man with a van” then you’re sweet.

You’ll have both bases covered and enjoying the fruits but the time from now till then is where most people throw the towel in and just give up which is a shame. Because just down the road a bit is where you’ll find everything you were working toward.

So, how to do it, the correct way.

For every person searching Google for a man and van in their area, there’s a couple of hundred others searching for “van hire”. So how do we get round that? Well, it’s all in the name, the links and the page content.

For instance, if you’re starting your new man and van business in Glasgow, you want your domain name to certainly include keywords “van hire” & if possible keyword “glasgow” in some way or variation.

IF you’re starting in Glasgow. You would of course substitute that for your own area.

Now, without doubt, the perfect domain name for this company would be, does exactly what is says on the tin, if it isn’t already registered by somebody else.

Now on the flip side, if you WERE to register, for instance,, Google would then rank your website in the man with a van niche which of course has a much lower Google search volume than “van hire”.

You wouldn’t show up in search result for keywords “van hire” – or most likely anything else other than man and van – which is why most man and van companies flop, and can’t figure out why. Well, right there, that is why.

If you do have trouble finding a good domain name that isn’t already snaffled, then a brand name such as Express Van Hire (for want of a better name) would be the next best thing and or even as a domain name would be absolutely fine.

As long as it includes keywords “vanhire” in the domain name, which is critical for Google to identify your business as a van hire business and categorise it appropriately in the search results.

You also want to include “Glasgow” or your chosen area in your websites title tag, H1 tag and maybe a variant in an H3 tag then you’ll be in a good position to rank on Google for those keywords.

If you have trouble following, watch the video as many times as you need to. We went over this while I was showing you how to edit the template so you will get it right.

And here’s the real secret sauce that made us a hit while most most others were giving up.

By converting van hire leads into man and van leads, we were able to offer customers a service they weren’t even looking for initially.

The great shame is, man and van guys who gave up on the dream because they thought there was no money in it – because they weren’t making any money at it – really sold themselves short.

Believe me, there is plenty of money in this game if you just apply yourself in the correct way. There is always somebody looking to get something shifted from A to B.

Let me show you what I mean….

PHONE CALL: To learn how to steal customers, see video at 1h:19m:10s

And that’s how it’s done.

I just had a typical customer, as fictitious as that was, call for a self drive hire van and instead quickly and easily sold him a man and van service.

Like I said earlier, it wasn’t even a service he was looking for but, he just saved himself 20 or 30 quid, certainly a few hours of his day and also got an extra set of hands on the job which he was ecstatic about because let’s face it, he isn’t lifting any sofa on his own. So everyone’s a winner.

And you’ll find that most calls that come in are smaller jobs like that where the customer is just looking to get something shifted as quickly and cheaply as possible – and you can sell yourself 90% of the time.

It’s particularly effective too if you’re in the Google local business listing at the top of the search results as customers don’t even land on your website. They just see you name in the three pack – and hit the call button.

3 jobs like that every day and you’ll pocket around £135 before fuel and that, is basically a bulletproof man and van sales strategy. Trick of the trade so to speak.

And it IS so simple and obvious I can understand how other’s missed it. Not everyone thinks outside the box but, it works, and is the difference between your new business taking off or racking your brains because you can’t figure out why you’re not making anything.

At any rate, we like to see others succeed so if you have any questions, or just need some guidance, feel free to leave a comment below. Like I said earlier, we’re building relationships so we do want you to get there. If we can help you on your journey in any way, we certainly will.

Also, if all this website stuff just sounds like gobbledegook to you, that’s because it generally is.

But we do offer a “done for you” service where we will register your domain name, upload your site, get you listed in all the directories that you should be listed in, set up your Google local business account and work with you to make sure you’re off to the best possible start.

If your interested in this service, feel free to visit – this page.

If not, then good luck. Or buona fortuna as they say in Italy.

View The Template: Here

Download The Template: Here

Download Notepad++: Here

Free “Done For You” Service: Here

7 thoughts on “Free Responsive Man And Van Website Template”

    1. Hi Ian, the exact match query is more likely to be “van hire glasgow” but as Google keeps chopping and changing it’s preferences regarding exact match domains, I’d opt for It has all the main keywords and sounds more like a company name and less like an exact match keyword.

      That said, as long as you build a strong reputation across the web with good reviews on sites like Trust Pilot and user activity on social/community pages like Facebook then it wouldn’t really matter. Although keywords in the domain name are still a ranking factor, I’ve noticed Google is putting less and less importance on them anyway and giving more attention to credibility through offsite signals such as reviews and recommendations etc.

      Hope that helps 😉

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