Roadworks Scheduled in Falkirk Tuesday 7th March 2017 Onward

It’s like no sooner have they finished digging up one part of the road, they’ll find another bit to make a hole in. Incase you’re travelling tomorrow, or in the next few days at least, here a list of places to avoid.

Allandale: B816, Coneworx – temporary traffic lights

Banknock: Bog Road, March 2nd till March 9th – more temporary traffic lights

Bonnybridge A803 at Bonnybridge Water Bridge – March 6th till March 17th – temporary traffic lights

Bonnybridge: Falkirk Road, February 20th till March 17th – temporary traffic lights

Falkirk: Bean Row, March 7th till April 2nd – road closure

Falkirk: St Crispins Place/Cow Wynd, March 7th till March 8th – temporary traffic lights

What fun…

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