About Us

A Brief History

Falkirk Van Hire & Removals is a local family run company who have been serving Falkirk for over a decade. Initially a van and driver hire company in our early days, we've evolved over the years to become what we are today and to include services such as professional low cost removals, house and office clearances services as well as top of the range storage facilities.

A Successful Accident!

The company though, actually began by complete accident. As a friend of mine was emigrating to shores afar, he asked me if I wanted to buy a van - super cheap. I really didn't have a use for a van at all but thought I might sell it on at some point and earn something from it.

But as chance would have it, whilst filling my new van up at a petrol station later that day, a random soul who was passing stopped to ask if I was busy, could I move some things for him and of course, how much I would take for it? We negotiated a price and just like that, Falkirk Van Hire & Removals was born.

And The Rest, Was History

Even though building a successful company from the ground up was never easy and the challenges were many (and still are), we believed that a business model that put our customers first, coupled with a friendly approach to our work, would be the best foundation to build on and yes, the formula seems to have worked for us.

From the early days as just another man and van company to now, as a well established local brand, we're proud to have our roots in Falkirk.


Happy To Help

We're happy to help with moving anything that's too big for the car and as we operate 9 till 9/7 days, you can book your van at a time that suits you. Have a look below and you'll see why we've become the first choice for van hire, home & office relocation & storage services throughout Central Scotland!

The little things that make a big difference...

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